Since our inception we have continued to evolve, optimise manufacturing technology
and raise the bar in quality standards.

Quality, flexibility and service

Our team of young professionals works every day in search of the best solutions for our clients’ needs, offering the utmost quality, flexibility and service.

In 2021 Juncà Gelatines became sister company of Lapi Gelatine Spa and Disproquima. The three companies share not only the know-how in the gelatine and collagen market and manufacturing, but also the same values of quality and safety 100% European.

Lapi Gelatine, based in Tuscany, Italy, manufactures and promotes a complete range of bovine and fish gelatine and collagen peptides with a distribution in 52 countries all over the World.

Disproquima, an international company present in 4 continents, with more than 45 years of experience in the distribution of raw materials and ingredients, included gelatin and collagen, within the Life Science Industries is well-known also for its solutions for the following key industries: PHARMA, DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS, PERSONAL CARE, HUMAN & ANIMAL NUTRITION.



  • Sustainable growth based on reinvestment of profits
  • Consolidation and expansion of the core business: the manufacture of gelatine and hydrolysates of collagen
  • Overall improvement to the quality of our products and service
  • Commitment to diversification and innovation through research and development
  • Custom-made products
  • Service flexibility

Juncà Gelatines history is one of personal endeavour, together with determination and collective enterprise.

The company was founded by the Juncà brothers; Salvador, Enric and Josep began in 1947 with the goal of manufacturing products derived from animal collagen.

In the 1950´s Juncà Gelatines began entering the food industry market for bovine and ovine derived gelatine.

In the 1960’s we consolidated our position, becoming the second plant in production capacity and the marketing of gelatine in the Spanish domestic market.

In the 1980’s Juncà Gelatines introduced pigskin as a new raw material while starting to produce collagen hydrolysates.

In the 1990’s Juncà Gelatines set out to internationalise and attract foreign markets, especially in Europe. We successfully introduced our product among the first confectionery companies, the main consumer sector of gelatine. Our products were also well received by companies in other areas of the food industry. At the same time Juncà Gelatines continued our search for new raw materials, and as a result started developing fish ingredients: fish gelatine, hydrolysed fish and fish extract.

From 2000 onwards, Juncà Gelatines undertook the modernisation and optimisation of the manufacturing system, for environmental improvement in keeping with the LIFE project.

In 2005 Juncà Gelatines signed an agreement with the FDG Group for the development of new dietary supplements with high added value.Thus was born a new range of collagen hydrolysates specially designed for dietary applications – Protesol D.

Collagen hydrolysates produced by Juncà gelatines are high purity products, and their daily consumption is very beneficial for your health.

In 2021 Juncà was acquired by Lapi Gelatine and Disproinvest (holding company owner of Disproquimia), creating an European pole for Gelatine and hydrolysed collagen.

We currently continue focusing our efforts on getting a better performance in both the perfecting of quality and improvement of productivity in our products.

Customer satisfaction continues to be the main objective of Juncà Gelatines, ensuring the future success of the company.